Great Dane... Gorgeous, noble and very smart dog... I admire by it since my childhood. Powerful and elegant, so big and so gentle... Great Dane is real Aristocrat between dogs.
     Great danes live in my family somewhere around 10 years. First one was dog named Lord. It was really extraordinary smart, faithful and beautiful! It inspired me to know more about this incredible breed. And after all I decided to become a breeder.
     Our Great Dane kennel placed in the small town not so far from Moscow (Russia) and there is a lot of space (plains) for happy life of our dogs. All our Great Danes are live with us in our house and they are the big part of my family. We spend a lot of time together.
     The name of our kennel 'Ih Velichestvo' (eng. - 'Their majesty') captures the essence of breed, magnificence and nobility of these dogs.

Best regards,
Anastasia Lelikova,

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