We have a special program of breeding.

     We use it for select breeding couples, to fix and improve in generations good health, temperament and exterier. Also we need it for save the special type and style of our great danes. Sometimes we use it to step out of our breeding and get new, more beautiful and more corresponding to Standart of Breed great danes.

     Also we prefer long-living dogs and always study bloodlines of our studs very carefully.

     Our great danes combines power, strength and volume on the one hand and grace and elegance on the other hand. So, we prefer classic type of great dane without modern short and massive heads with wrinkles and folds, short thick neck, throatiness or excess of dewlap.

     We plan to have two lines of breeding separated by colour groups:

     1. Black / Harlequin / Mantle
     2. Pure Black (double black gene)

     In first line we try to breed pure harlequin danes (without grey, fawn or brown spots). That's why we use dogs without fawn or blue genes. And we ask the owners of studs (etalons) to test their dogs by DNA (to be sure in purity of genoms).

     Second line of our breeding has a very interesting mission - to save and strengthen double black gene of great danes (in that case dog will not produce fawn or blue puppies, regardless of the color of the partner). We find out this type of genom by DNA testing. And we use this line for our genetic research.
     They also can be used for Black / Harlequin or Black / Blue breeding.

Best regards,
Anastasia Lelikova

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